Syzran it is based in 1683.
 Joint-stock company "" joint-stock company "" 
Joint-stock company "" joint-stock company "". .
 The centre of open access to the internet to syzran 
The centre of open access to the internet to syzran. .
 Aladdin Home Page 
Aladdin home page. about me, services, consultations, collections, miscellaneous
 Open company the trading house "" 
The trading house "" is trading structure of open society "slantsepererabatyvajushchy factory". this unique enterprise to russia, the cis and the eastern europe and one of the world's largest, specialising on thermal processing of combustible slates.железнодорожные грузоперевозки сборных грузов

(ichthammol), .
Trading House SPZ, Ltd is a trading structure of the JSC Shale Processing Plant. It is the only plant in Russia (and one of the largest in the world), specializing in thermal processing of pyroshale.
We produce our product Ichthammol from the schist.

 The centralised library system syzran 
The centralised library system syzran

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