Syzran it is based in 1683.
 The city chat of syzran 
The syzransky city chat. the general channels, personal channels, a chat-mail etc.
 The forum "zavalinka" 
The forum "zavalinka" - .Forum "Zavalinka" - local forum, BBS.
The city information portal. city news, forums, a chat, announcements, weather etc.Смотрим:|Читаем тут:|Смотреть:
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City information portal. News of city, forums, a chat, announcements, weather etc.
 The web resources of syzran 
The catalogue a web of resources of a city of syzran. automatic registration and updating of resources.The web resources catalogue of Syzran city.
 A broadcasting company ktv-beam 
The site of a regional broadcasting company "ktv-beam".
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